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The Present and Future of Spanish Texts in United States of America

On the First Sunday of Advent of 1989, the Texto Unico became the official Ordinary of the Mass in Spanish for the United States of America. With Spanish as a liturgical language, only those texts approved by the bishops of the country for use at Spanish-speaking assemblies are to be used. Consequently, texts not available through our Bishops’ Conference because they are not available or approved yet may be used from other liturgical books approved in other countries until they are approved and published in the United States as the proper books of the Hispanic Catholic assemblies. Two questions may result from this observation: what are the approved texts and what texts have not been approved yet?

With the proposals of the Subcommittee for Hispanics, and the input and commitment of our publishing houses, only the following texts should be in use as approved texts in Spanish for the United States:

Pastoral Care of the Sick (Cuidado Pastoral de los Enfermos), bilingual edition published by Liturgy Training Publications and the Mexican American Cultural Center.
Ordinario de la Misa, published in the United States by the Catholic Book Publishing Company. Now replaced by the third edition of the Misal Romano of 2018.
RCIA (Ritual de la Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos), published by Liturgy Training Publications.
Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest (Celebraciones Dominicales en la Ausencia de un Presbítero), bilingual edition published by Liturgical Press.
Order of Christian Funerals (El Ritual de las Exequias Cristianas), a full version in Spanish and a bilingual version with selected chapters published by The Liturgical Press in 2002.
The U.S. Bishop’s Conference approved three new Rituals in Spanish for use in the diocese of the United States: the Rite of Baptism (El Ritual del Bautismo de Niños), the Rite of Marriage (El Ritual del Matrimonio) and a newly fashioned Ritual de Quinceañeras. The Ritual for Quinceañera, a first of its kind, was confirmed by the Congregation in 2007; the other two Ritual; soon afterwards, the other two Rituals were confirmed and have been prepared as bilingual rituals for use in the United States.
Finally, the recently published Misal Romano (2018) will be mandated to be used throughout the country on the first Sunday of Advent, while the Leccionario in Spanish is being reviewed and revised by a team of experts that has been working with a new translation in Spanish, begun in Latin America for use by the Bishops’ Conference of the United States.

Future publication

The translated Book of Blessings in Spanish for the United States is awaiting approval from Rome.