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El Instituto Nacional Hispano de Liturgia, Inc. is committed to assist the bishops of the United States in studying, developing, and promoting the liturgical and spiritual life of Hispanic communities in the United States, as mandated by the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council in its Constitution, Sacrosanctum Concilium (1963).

Historically, the Instituto began as a gathering of liturgists from all over the country, sponsored in 1979 by the Mexican American Catholic College (then, the Mexican American Cultural Center), MACC,under the guidance of Father, now Bishop, Ricardo Ramírez and the late Fr. John Gallen, S.J. By 1981, Instituto members had voted in their first president and, by 1982, had approved its first Constitution.

Besides coordinating the liturgical celebrations of the III Encuentro Nacional Hispano de Pastoral and various national gatherings of Hispanic Ministry (Raíces y Alas, NCCHM) and collaborating in the development of the National Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry, Instituto members have assisted in the planning and execution of many other national and diocesan gatherings.

The Instituto itself has organized a number of Congresses and Symposia on Hispanic liturgy over the last three decades in various sites: New York (1982), Albuquerque (1984), Chicago (1986), San Jose (1988), Phoenix (1990), Orlando (1992), Houston (1995), Washington, D.C. (CUA Symposium, 1997), Seattle (1998), Chicago (2001), South Bend (Notre Dame University Symposium, 2003), Los Angeles (2004).

As a body of liturgists dedicated to serve all communities, but sensitive to the needs of Hispanic Catholics in particular, Instituto members gathered once a year at annual meetings and relied on the leadership of its Board to assess what liturgical needs may require special attention throughout the country. Originally, Instituto members participated in various Committees as needed: 1) Sacraments and sacramentals; 2) Liturgical Music; 3) Art and Architecture; 4) Popular Piety, and 5) Language and Texts. A Committee on Publications was established in 2003.

The Instituto Board is composed of a president, a vice-president, a treasurer, a secretary and, at least, eight other representatives, who are from the various regions of the country. Officially represented at the Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship by the president, other Board members are designated to assist the work of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, the National Council for Hispanic Ministry and the National Association of Diocesan Directors of Hispanic Ministry.

The official publication of the Instituto is its quarterly newsletter “Amén.” Other publications, sponsoredbytheInstitutoincludethefollowing: El Misterio de Fe, Tomen y Coman, La Música en el Culto Católico,Criterios para las Celebraciones Litúrgicas en las Comunidades Hispanas, Misa, Mesa y Musa,Don y Promesa, The bilingual editions of Pastoral Care of the Sick and Art and EnvironmentCatholic Celebration: A Reflection on the Liturgical Renewal “Liturgia de las Horas para el uso en los hogares y parroquias”.

Over the last few decades, Board members of the Instituto, at the request of several publishing houses, have contributed with Spanish or bilingual publicationsin the areas of liturgical music, liturgical theology and spiritual reflections so to enhance the formation of parish leaders throughout the country.

The Board and the members of the Instituto Nacional Hispano de Liturgia, deeply grateful to the Catholic Home Missions for the support it has given to our organization over the years. In June 2004, with great joy, Instituto members hosted its X National Conference in Los Angeles, California, and, thus, celebrated twenty-five years of service to the Church of the United States. On that occasion, the Instituto received two Awards, one from ACTHUS, the Association of Hispanic Catholic Theologians, and the other from the Secretariat of Hispanic Affairs of the United States Bishops’ Conference.

Though without an Executive Director since 2008, the Institutomaintains an Office at Catholic University of America. In 2011, the Instituto, sponsored by the Grants of Calvin College, conducted a workshop on the “Impact of the new edition of the English text of the Roman Missal” in three different parishes of the country: San Bernardino, California, Grand Rapids Michigan and Miami Beach, Florida. Results of the workshop are available upon request.

Board members of the Instituto continue to serve as reference personnel to a number of organizations, among others: FDLC, NCCHM, NPM and the American Bible Society.

The president continues to participate as Consultant to the USCCB Committee on Divine Worship that will meet in November. He also continues to be in contact with the Pontifical Institute of San Anselmo the Liturgy Secretariat from Spain, the Liturgy Departments of various dioceses in Cuba and centers of publications of liturgical music and liturgical theology in the country.

Some of the Board members of the Instituto continue to staff the Subcommittee of the CDW at their annual meetings.

The Instituto Board meets once a year and is in the process of launching a new Website. Requests for information on the history of the Instituto continue to surface and much of the information is distributed via Internet from our local sites. Moreover, the newsletter AMEN continues to be mailed to members and to other friends of the Instituto.

For several years now, the operations of the Instituto are carried out of the President’s Office at St. Joseph’s Parish, 8670 Byron Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33141. Currently, the Subcommittee for Hispanics of the USCCB has endorsed the operations of the organization and is requesting from the Instituto Board ways in which a new approach to funding can benefit and improve the organization to best serve the Hispanic community in the United States, particularly upon the publication and dissemination of the first Roman Missal in Spanish in May 2018.