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Miembros de la Facultad

Names and areas of Liturgical formation:

Petra Alexander
Pastoral Liturgy
Mauricio Centeno
Talleres Litúrgicos
Música Pastoral
Musical Performance
Silvio A. Cuellar
Talleres Litúrgicos para Músicos Pastorales
Dr. Josephine Bush
Ministerios Litúrgicos laicales
Teología Sacramental
Sister Marilu Covani, SP
Liturgia y Espiritualidad
Liturgical Law; Eucharist
Church History
Albert Coppo
Música Pastoral
Jorge Diez, PhD.
Music and Liturgy
History of Latinos in the US
Multicultural Religious Education
Dr. Lorenzo Florián
Rev. David García
Liturgical Theology
Rev. Raúl Gómez, SDS
Theology of Liturgy
Popular Piety
Sr. Andrea Johnson, C.H.S.
Music and Liturgy
Singing and reading Music and Psalms
Peter Kolar
Liturgical Music
Piano and Choral Techniques
Choir Direction
Rev. Heliodoro Lucatero
Liturgical Theology and Ministry
Rev. Francois Pellisier
Cultural expectations and adaptation for Hispanics
Sacramental Preparations and celebrations
Sacramental Minister’s role in multicultural settings
Implementation of Ritual of Celebration in the absence of a Priest
Rev. Jorge Perales
Sacramental Theology
Rev. Arturo Pérez Rodríguez POP
Cat & Liturgy
Multicultural Liturgy
Rev. Ruskin Piedra C.Ss.R.
Explaining what constitutes a good Homily
Celebrating Liturgy of the Eucharist
Training/Workshops for Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers
Ms. Mary Frances Reza
Liturgical Music
Composition and Pastoral Liturgy
Pedro Rubalcava
Liturgical Music
Cantor techniques
María Pérez-Rudisill
Liturgical Music
Choral Direction and Vocal Techniques
Music Composition
Theory and Music Technology
Debbie Ruiz White
Administrative and Program Planning
Eduardo Salomón Rivera
Liturgy Planning
Minister Formation
Multi-cultural & Multi-Lingual celebrations
Inculturation of our liturgy for Caribbean Catholics
Ministry of Music
Liturgy w/Youth and Liturgy Basics
Rev. Manuel Sanahua
Preparing the Liturgy
Preparing the homily
Ms. Sylvia Sánchez
Pastoral Theology and Ministry
Rev. Juan Sosa
All areas of Liturgy
Popular Piety
Anthropology and Theology
Marie Vianney Bilgrien SSND
Sacramental Preparation
Baptismal Spirituality
Damaris Thillet
Liturgical Music
Choral Direction and Vocal Techniques
Dr. Timothy Matovia
Liturgical Theology
Rev. Luis A. Vera, OSA
Liturgical Theology
Dominga M. Zapata S.H.
Liturgical life
Popular Religiosity
Sacraments Liturgy and Justice
Culture and Religion; Pastoral Theology- call to Ministry and Conversion
Lay leadership; Spirituality
Ministerial Organization and Management
Rogelio Zelada
Theology and Pastoral Ministry in the area of Liturgy and Spirituality